Product Timeline End-to-End

Many envelopes and napkins have been illustrated with portions and versions of the graphic below.  So it seemed worthwhile to capture this ‘product timeline’ in a structured way to aid in those discussions.  Throughout this blog and in many off-line places over the years, many of us will have debated and planned based on versions of these boxes and timelines.


Various organization or groups of founders will have their own names for the steps along the path. Developers of a service business may have different approaches, but it’s arguable that all these elements are worthy of consideration in any venture built on innovation.

Debates can also be fueled by the alignments of the various boundaries. So let’s enable those discussions and make our planning purposeful.  An issue discussed is one for which we are better prepared. With the full spectrum of a project’s phases visualized, planning becomes easier.

Posts on this blog will seek to illustrate (and alter) this picture going forward. Your input and discussion is welcomed!

Feel free to use this graphic if you wish (please credit for authorship in any publication/online post).