Below are a list of informative resources on the topic of R&D Management, creativity, research and ideation. Some are out of print but available at Abe Books or Amazon, some are online.

Reference Books

  1. Miller, D.B. Managing Professionals in Research And Development. A Guide for Improving Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness.
  2. Dumbleton, J.H. Management of High-Technology Research and Development.
  3. Jain,R.K. and Triandis, H.C. Management Research and Development Organizations

Online Publications and Resources

  1. Research Methods and Processes, ReferenceforBusiness.Com
  2. Calvert, J. and Martin, B.R. (PDF) Changing Conceptions of Basic Research,
  3. Narayanamurti, V., Odumosu, T., and Vinsel, L. The Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Environmental Policy, Issues in Science and Technology,
  4. Redmond, B.F and Stephens, L. Needs Theories Overview, PennState Psychology Dept