Project Success is Built on Experience

These are examples of projects completed by RossGK Consulting previously. You'll see common components in these programs: hands-on problem solving, technical feature definition, execution planning, team creation/adjustment, market sizing, opportunity evaluation, intellectual property inventory & protection (eg. patents), complex multi-disciplinary interactions. A common client need is to articulate and align business value of complex technical programs at various stages in a project cycle.

Past Project Examples

  • New Venture Business Plan Analysis

    A venture proposed a new product for market built on a value proposition of reducing industry greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pollutants and contamination and improved performace. An existing business plan was reviewed, and scored against established criteria. Scrutiny of implementation plans, competitive positioning, budgets, and partnerships was applied, and the resulting coaching enabled a more robust path to funding and product development.

  • Compact Mobile Assistive Device

    A compact, portable optical-sensing device offered a unique value proposition for a niche market opportunity, but development had stalled. Issues were identified with the development process, hardware and software elements. The development was rescued and product brought to market through a process of analog/digital hardware revisions, software rework and by establishing verification/test procedures and "ready-for-market" evaluation criteria.

  • Multi-media Desktop Platform

    A platform development was launched to define a flexible, modular system upon which multiple products in a category could be based. The design solved the issue of repeated product designs which began from the ground up. In an era of rapid product-to-market turn-around, the platform enabled quick-turnaround development on a series of internet-enabled, multi-media products

  • Cloud-Based Streaming Media Architecture

    An opportunity related to capture and streaming of diverse sports/entertainment content. A concept was devised. A solution architecture was drafted and technology identified for implementation. A demonstration was built upon Python middleware and ReST/AJAX (Javascript) client-side rendering engine. Related patent opportunities were exploited to protect the solution architecture.

  • Market Segmentation Study

    An emerging product concept in the sofware tools space was proposed for a B2B opportunity. Analysis of the market sizing, possible target market segments and expected growth were compiled. Additional analysis of barriers to market entry were compiled, such as regulatory hurdles, channels to market, and competition were used to gauge potential market success.

  • Laboratory Test Apparatus Product

    Development of an initial commercial product specification evolved into a design specification and Manufacturing/test manuals for a proprietary test device. Product design commenced upon gaining 3rd party customer approval. A successful design incorporated small signal sensing for medical laboratory use. Design was transfered to manufacturing for delivery of a reliable build and test and customer acceptance outcome.

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